Walking on the sun sing a ma jig

This is what he looks like.

The "Walkin on the sun" sing a ma jig is a sing a ma jig that is one of "The hits". He is dark blue, has the same ears as the Tutti Frutti sing a ma jig but has only 2 like most sing a ma jigs. He has orange and green hair, black star eyes, a brown nose and a green mouth. The "Walkin on the sun" sing a ma jig has the same hand pose as the reindeer and the same feet as the chartreuse one. He has a white shirt with red stripes on each sleves and orange lettering saying "WALKING ON THE SUN" and he sings "Walking on the sun." He has the same voice as the lime sing a ma jig but harmonizes the same pitch as the pumpkin one. He signs in by saying "Yo, whassup!", enters song mode by saying "LET'S ROCK!!" and signs out by saying "Thank you, thank you. Good night."